March 2015 

*Group Project* 

The Environment Keeps Happening To Me was a first year project where in groups of twelve we were asked to perform design acts in response to a designated space, our designated space being London's South Bank Centre. 

Early model of the frames 

hierarchy with the space

We spent the first week being on location at the centre recording the buildings, people, behaviours and systems surrounding the site. We found the South Bank centre very interesting as it is a free space where visitors are encouraged to walk around and explore the buildings themselves. When doing this we found that we were met with some limitations, as to where we could explore. 

 We noticed a definite hierarchy of materials and textures throughout the levels as the higher you went in the building the more restricted for members and the more luxurious the materiality of the floor was. Oposingly the bottom "basement" of the centre a place which acts as a walk way and skate park for the public which was unkept and made entirely of concrete.

We also took an interest in the large yellow staircase which acts as a threshold between the skate park walkway and the luxury of the royal festival hall. We decided that in reaction to the space we were to act similarly to the yellow stair case and highlight key thresholds between the brutalist building's higharchy and systems.   

 Perfomance in action Photo: Stuart Bannocks 

Perfomance in action Photo: Stuart Bannocks 

 Perfomance in action Photo: Stuart Bannocks

Perfomance in action Photo: Stuart Bannocks

Framing the Spaces

The final act of the project was a choreographed performance piece where we used a series of frames to highlight the points of interest throughout the buildings. We arranged the frames so they got smaller and choreographed the path so the frames would zoom into specific points on route. 

*Group Project in collaboration with: David Jones, Joe Thompson, Leah Thomas, Annie kruncheva, Katya Krasner, Gabriella de Rosa, Moon ho Kang, Kate Chan, Tegan Mills, Alaina Watson and Hyun Jung Hwang.