My Print Publications


Here are some of the print publications which I had made throughout my time at Goldsmiths, to support projects and for various different modules. 

3rd Year Process Booklet 

This is my third year studio practice process book which depicts my whole 3rd year major project's design process. This was used as supporting material for my third year Viva Voce. For more information on my final year project click here

3rd Year Dissertation 

My Final year disseration/contextual report supporting my final year project, for more information click here 

2nd year Viva Voce process booklet

Process book to support my second year Viva Voce, this book runs alongside the 15 minute presentation and goes into more depth about various parts of projects. 

Mind Project process book

Mind moulding  project process book acts as supporting material showing the whole design process for the final presentation. 

Technical Studies Report

A second year technical studies report, reporting a week long Typography and Layout course.