Everyday Alternatives 

October 2016 - June 2017

Everyday Alternatives is my BA Design final year major project in reaction to the thoughtlessness surrounding our everyday items. 

Recording My Everyday Objects

I started this project with an interest in documenting the objects which I use everyday. I recorded the items which I used each day for a week photographed them and arranged them into layouts. I was initially surprised by just how many items which I use thoughtlessly are an integral part of my daily routine. I wanted my project aim to highlight the importance and role that these items play in not just my own routine but everyone else's as well.  

Replacing objects from a routine

I then decided that the best way to drive home the importance of each item would be to remove them, I started this process by removing all the items from a particular routine. I found that the items that were really essential to the routine I remade at home using readily available materials. 

Replacing my make up

I then started to replace items from all my routines even the ones that I had initially deemed to hard to replace. I found that if the replacement took ages to replace or the replacement did not really work, it only drove home the importance of the original removed items. 

Instructing the process of replacement to others  

I then wanted to push the removal process beyond myself and wanted to start to instruct the process of removal and replacement to others, because of the mass of items which would need replacing I devised a flow chart system which would get the user to the object replacement method as quickly as possible. 

However I found that when writing the instructions for the replacement it was hard to preemptively  know what objects that each user was going to need to replace. To tackle this issue I then devised a set of prompts and rules in order to get the replacement tester to design their own object replacements. 

Identity Markers 

Similarly to at the beginning of my project I found that the items which the testers deemed important enough to source a replacement acted as identity markers, as you could clearly see the activities they deemed important enough to replace. 

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