Curated Everyday Objects

January 2017 

A contextual report supporting my 3rd Year final Major project at Goldsmiths University Of London. 



The main theory based around my project and the report was that items can be used as indicators for the owners identity. I used this report as a means of investigating whether changing the way that these objects are displayed changes the way that the identity of the object owner/user is portrayed. This report was to act as a research tool for my studio practice. 

DSC02144 copy.jpg


The report was spilt into three sections, in the first section I review how and why I thought my everyday items reflected my identity. 

In the second part I analysed the way that others display objects to tell narratives of the user, and finally in the third I recreate these methods of displaying objects with my own items and measure the effectiveness.  



Part of the criteria for the report was to have a designed printed document, I printed mine on a A5 perfect bound booklet. I also used my signature line drawing illustrations, for the front cover and the chapter pages.