Maggie's Culture Crawl Installation

July 2016

*worked as part of a team of graphic designers*

In this project I worked within a team creating graphics for Designer Leonora Oppenheim for her installation during Maggie’s Culture Crawl 2016. Maggie’s West London is a centre which provides free emotional and social support for people with cancer and their friends and families. Leonora Designed an interactive colouring book installation where walkers are invited to colour while taking a quick break from Culture Crawl. Walkers were encouraged to colour in the cut out of the elements that make up the centre and stick them onto a large poster, they idea being the people make the centre the centre. 


My room illustration 

My Yoga girl illustration

My illustration

My Role 

I worked within a small team creating the line drawings from photos of the centre. As people make the Maggie’s Centre I spent a lot of time creating line portraits, an illustration style which I think is my strongest. Due to the nature of the task I worked off sight and leased with Leonora through emails and uploading the files to a shared drop box.

Photo: Leonora Oppenhiem

Photo: Leonora Oppenhiem

Photo: Leonora Oppenhiem

Images from the night

Here are some images from the Culture Crawl, Lenora said that the walkers loved getting involved and colouring in.