*Group Project*

Emojism is a millennial culture based around the incorporation of Emojis into everyday society, to include and communicate with the generation which only know how to display inner thoughts and feelings through the Apple emoticons Emojis. 

Playing with possibilities through low res making, I developed an app which would allow the Emojists to display their emotions through the use of Emojis on a wearable screen. 

Project Brief 

The project brief was to create an "ism" culture in any chosen subject, we decided to create Emojism as we all had an interest in how the small icons had become such a large part of popular culture today. 

We created the culture of Emojism as being a new way to communicate complex emotions and thoughts, we started the project by trying to decode and translate these Emojis back into English as a way of incorporating and integrating the Emojism culture into everyday society.

Emojist uniform: all yellow

The English to Emoji dictionary, for English speakers to translate Emojists, as they speak completely in emojis *Graphic: Alaina Watson 

Emojist goggles

Emoji Caption Maker

speculating and Designing Tools for emojist's

We then went on to live Emojism Culture ourselves and started to become full time Emojist's, we asked ourselves how would Emojist's differ from everyone else but still be active in society. We created tools and uniforms which would allow Emojist's to be recognised and also help communicate to people outside the culture, so they can still be active within society. 

Emojism and the social media age

In my own extension of the project I started to view Emojism through the lens of social media, as I believe that Emojis have become the "secret" or not so secret language of social media, through captions and memes. I started by designing an Emoji caption maker which would find the perfect Emoji caption for any social media post. 

I also speculated how this Emoji Social media age would influence the environments and systems that we have now. I modelled a modified park suited to the Emojist/social media addict with singular seating, as it's better to browse online alone, Tripods for the Vlog updates, and Selfie spots, for the perfect profile picture. 

Emojist/Social Media Addict adapted park. 

*Group Project in collaboration with: Frankie Taylor, Ines Ng, Alaina Watson and Jenny Couplston