Ceramic Illustrations

June 2016 - Present

For my most recent internship I worked with Cornwall based ceramicist and gallery owner Jane Adams on site in her gallery for just over 6 weeks. During this time spent with Jane in her gallery I got to not only understand the fundamentals of being self employed and running your own business but also what it is like to be a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, as Jane asked me to utilise my graphic skills and create a range of illustrations which could be turned into ceramic decals and other merchandise for the gallery. 

Designs and Restrictions 

With the Jane Adams gallery being in a town next to the sea my first range of illustrations were inspired by water wild life, I utilised my line drawn graphic style, but also adding shapes of colour to my fish designs. 

As this placement was during the summer and I had to go back to university in the autumn Jane and myself had to come up with a way of manufacturing the mugs without me having to be present. To tackle this I designed the illustrations and arranged them onto an A3 sheet and then sent the sheets to the ceramic printers to be turned into ceramic decals, this meant that after I had gone back to London Jane could stick the decals down and fire the mugs herself. 


As well as putting the designs onto mugs, I also designed a range of cards which have the same water wild life illustration theme which I designed and ordered and them sold to Jane at a wholesale price.